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Southend Hospital Radio Technical Info

On this page is a summary of our current technical set-up.

Broadcast technology is changing rapidly, as traditional equipment is now becoming available at low prices. We have to consider that we’re a charity, and therefore can’t afford to invest heavily in products which won’t last or can’t be supported by the manufacturer in years to come.

Today, our studio complex consists of two studios, an office and a racks room (home for our signal processing equipment, computer servers and other auxiliary equipment).

Southend Hospital Radio Studio

Southend Hospital Radio Studio (Click to enlarge)


The broadcasting studios themselves consist of two ‘self-op’ studios which are in fact self-contained control rooms that have all audio signals available and can be put to air by our trained presenters without a technician being present.


About Our Studios


We currently have two studios. Each studio has a computer containing our current
database within a programme called Music Master Professional and can call any track into the players instantly.

As well as the computer playout system, studios contain the following:

  • Mixing desk: Alice 828S console
  • CD Players: 2 x Technics SL-PG360A
  • CD recorders and Minidisc recorders
  • Turntables: 2 x LAD GAJ 828P with OM-PRO
  • Tape machine: Revox B77 Mk.II (HS, NAB)
  • Mics: AKG D202 (presenter), Calrec CM1050 (guests)

News is taken from a satellite receiver and live phone calls (2 lines) are handled by Sonifex TBUs.

All of our singles are stored on the servers and can be called into the three, on screen, single players. Any live phone call requests can be loaded whilst the patient is still talking and played instantly. The search facility on Professional is the same as in Producer, and again, programmes can be compiled for instant use, or saved for another day.

Programmes are delivered to the listener via a Shoutcast radio stream over the Internet, and a switching matrix allows either or both studios to be routed directly to the Internet stream.


Technical Equipment



As with all things in life nothing’s for nothing, and without the kind donations of various
organisations, and the generosity of the public, our unique service would not be available.

Our engineers are Rick Poole, John Salim and Brian Davis, with IT handled by Pete Sipple

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