We’re Supporting EndPJParalysis

Southend Hospital Radio is proud to be supporting the NHS #EndPJParalysis campaign

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This national campaign is aimed at encouraging patients to get up, get dressed and get moving, as this can help get patients a step closer to getting home.

We spoke to one of the campaign organisers, Pete Gordon, to find out more about the campaign. Our interview is now running on Southend Hospital Radio, and available here:

#EndPJParalysis Southend Hospital Radio Interview
Recorded 27 April 2018

Pete Gordon is part of the NHS Emergency Care Improvement Programme:

“The bottom line is additional moving can only help recovery and hopefully reduce the amount of time that people spend in hospital”

As part of the campaign, patients are encouraged to ask family and friends to bring clothes and shoes so that patients can get up and dressed, and where appropriate, spend at least half an hour a day moving around, as this can aid recovery time.

For more information, see the following links:

Southend Hospital Radio Presenter Alice Ryan

Southend Hospital Radio Presenter Alice Ryan

For hospital radio stations:

We have created two generic interviews about #EndPJParalysis, suitable for air on any HBA hospital radio station. Please feel free to download and use the following audio. If you use the audio, please let us know so we can inform the NHS which stations are supporting the campaign.

#EndPJParalysis Full Version – Duration 3’31”
6.5MB mp3 file @ 256kbps – Download link

#EndPJParalysisShort version – Duration 1’50”
3.7MB mp3 file @ 256kbps – Download link

One comment

  • Maurice Jardine

    Dear Pete

    Having listened to your #EndPJParalysis full version and short versions I would like to Thank you for sharing these interviews.

    I found these both engaging and informative.

    Having spent some time in Hospital as a visitor, I am aware how very important it is for hospital patients to move away from their bed if possible as this can to aid their recovery.

    It is good this information and encouragement to bring the right ease of movement clothes to hospital is shared widely so all who listen to Hospital radio whether they be a patient or a visitor.

    Kind regards

    Maurice Jardine

    NB Listened to the interview from a public library in Plymouth, Devon and the sound is very clear.

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