Sunday Night Selection

The Sunday Night Selection is a show full of music, merriment and mirth, taking place between 8 and 10pm every Sunday. 

The show is full of features. The first hour is continuous music with a common theme. Some weeks we’ll let you know what the theme is and invite you to suggest songs; others we’ll leave you guessing. It’s always a varied hour. 

The second hour we’ll look at local news for some song inspiration, find a fabulous Camp Classic, and maybe a round of Song Charades. We end every show with the Pick of the Selection, where you can vote for an artist that’s already been played on the show to hear again.

I always try to keep the music varied, playing as many genres and styles from the last 70 years, and I’d love to hear from you, so do get involved to round off your week in the finest way with The Sunday Night Selection. 

Dave Green