One of the most important roles we carry out at Southend Hospital Radio, is our visit to the wards which we do on a regular basis.


Collecting requests on the wardsVisiting and talking to the patients is an
essential part of our role as ward visitors. Some of our patients get few, or even no visitors at all and a visit from one of the Southend Hospital Radio team is met with much pleasure. The banter is always friendly and we can normally talk about anything and everything!


Obviously the purpose of visiting the wards is to collect requests which we take back to the studio to play on our flagship Southend Hospital Tonight shows which happens most evenings between 8pm and 10pm.

The sort of music we play is eclectic to say the least, and very much depends upon the
music requested. Typically, you can always rely on a little bit of Frank Sinatra, Glenn Miller and of course ‘The King’ Elvis Presley to while away the evening!

If you’d like to have a song played on Southend Hospital Radio, perhaps for a friend or loved one in hospital, we have a request line for use by you any time of the night or day – You can contact us on 01702-338181,or you can send us a text message on 07733 255 299.

We are always pleased to hear from you.


More information:

Hospital Radio Top 20 – Our top twenty most requested songs


If you’d like a request played on Southend Hospital Radio, text us from your mobile on 07733 255 299, or call 01702 338181.