Profile: Simon Cordell

Simon CordellHi, my name’s Simon Cordell and I’m a recent newcomer to Southend Hospital Radio. As I only started volunteering for the radio at the end of February 2019.

For a couple of months my Mum (who works within the Hospital), and the other members of my family suggested it to me before I finally gave in and decided to volunteer… and I’ve never looked back!

As ever since I joined, it’s felt like a family because everyone’s been very welcoming and supportive.

You might not be too familiar with my voice, as I primarily work behind the scenes on the radio’s production. Solving logistical and production challenges that you never knew existed and let alone needed solving. Leading to other members of the team giving me the affectionate nickname ‘Producer Simon’.

Although on the rare occasion that I do end up behind a microphone (usually on a Southend Hospital Tonight show), then I get given an alternate nickname by the other members of team… ‘Star Trek Si’.

All due to my other hobby (and passion project) a Star Trek podcast (The Engage Podcast). Which I’ve run as Executive Producer (and host) since 2014, alongside my friend (and co-host) Jamie.

I enjoy going around the wards (ahead of our Southend Hospital Tonight shows), as it’s a fantastic opportunity to meet you all. And to get to know you better, by hearing about the wide and diverse music tastes you have (and request us to play on your behalf).

Something that makes it all worthwhile, as we know we’re making a difference.

We’re a family at the radio station, and we’d love you to become part of our family too. So firstly, why not take a chance by giving us a listen? Before (hopefully) getting to know us better by becoming a member!

I hope you get well soon and enjoy listening to our shows!