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Eva Poxon

Hello or Ahoj! My name is Eva, but you can call me Evie… I come from Slovakia and I lived in Prague for 13 years. In 2016 I moved to England to my great English husband. Yes, LOVE is magic (haha) and a very strong medicine… that is really true! I am sure LOVE can help our patients too!

I am a member of the Tuesday Request Show and we all LOVE to visit patients and make them happy just for a while. I think it is so important!

I was used to work for few Czech and Slovak radio stations in Prague for 8 years and I really enjoyed working with people… I really like to bring a good mood and a smile to our listeners. So we do jokes sometimes too.

Our Tuesday team is great; we are a nice bunch and have lots of fun together. This is essential for our listeners – they should feel our positive energy and trust everything will be alright. I like to do this job just because if my smile or words can help only one person, it has a purpose; it is perfect.

I am a happy person and I hope it comes over the radio too! I love music so much, I believe it can make people happier… so, just listen, listen and listen…enjoy this energy, this crazy drive, just imagine a nice memory or dream and don´t think of bad times.

Try it… It works!

I wish you lots of energy, trust in yourself and a positive attitude in your life! Stay tuned…